About us


I’m Srilatha Reddy, the author, recipe developer, and photographer behind the Luscious Food Tales blog.

Luscious Food Tales is a result of my passion for cooking and also a way to track my love for food. Even though I’m a microbiologist by profession, I’m a foodie by passion.

I’m a self-taught cook, whatever I have learned is purely through trial and error. In my blog, I present exciting and attainable dishes that I have experimented with different ingredients, cuisines, and presentations.

Here, you will find EASY, DELICIOUS, AND NUTRITIOUS time-tested recipes that can be cooked by and for all age groups, which help an amateur or a professional to cook better and regularly at home.

Being a health freak, I believe in having healthy wholesome meals. So, here you will find recipes made of whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and green leafy vegetables that help to make a rich and nutritious food for all age groups including the aged ones.

We will not be using harmful ingredients like artificial colors, chemical additives, vanaspati, and MSG in any recipes considering the harmful after-effects. However, we will learn the making of street-style and restaurant-style food by using healthy substitutes instead of harmful ingredients making it healthy yet tasty and delicious.

Through this blog, I have put in my bonafide efforts to showcase my cooking style in step by step format and assure you to walk through every detail required for preparing luscious and delicious meals that you crave.